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Clouds and Skies:  

Learn to use common tools and materials to render clouds on walls and ceilings. Clouds do not have to look like cotton balls, with a few simple techniques and practice, you can make clouds look as light as air or as ominous as a thunderhead.

The main objection I often hear to the idea of putting a sky on a ceiling is that sky blue will clash with the décor of a room. I have seen rooms with blue sky ceilings that have been decorated with lavenders and greens and still look beautiful. That is because light blue with some soft white scumbled on it as clouds freely associates with a sky and one does not see it as being a ceiling.

An afternoon sky will open up a room and make it feel airy and light. A midnight blue sky (for example) will make a dining room more intimate.

All children love skies in their rooms and not just on their ceilings. You can carry the sky across the ceiling and down to where a chair rail would be (32 from floor).

A sky can also be just a beginning. Paint a tree in a corner, a trellis across the ceiling, even a few birds or an airplane high up.

A sky can create ambiance. It can be gloomy, happy, foreboding, dense, serene, quiet or trompe l'oeil (realistic).

A sky can be any color that your imagination or creative sense will let you see. As long as you add clouds, any color will freely associate with being a sky.

Pale yellow or lavender with buff clouds is very nice in a bedroom. Realistic skies should be blue however and the choices with blue are still many.

Too light of a blue looks pastel and too cool a blue washes out to gray at night. The colors we use in class are just guidelines that I have found to be successful but by no means are they writ in stone.

Class Information:

July 14, 2009 Monday - 9am to 4pm


Qty: Price: $300.00
Instructor: Dean Sickler




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