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faux mahogany-Dean Sickler

Faux Mahogany on a panel

Showing a Union crew how to venetian plaster

Showing a Union crew how to apply a venetian plaster technique in a large area. Atlantic City


Showing another crew how to apply a colored cement plaster. Bronx, NY

Skimstone floor5000 square feet of specialty colored cement coating for cement floors in the Dominican Republic.

Skimstone cement coating


Specialty metallic plaster and Skimstone floor

Mother of Pearl plaster

Mother of pearl plaster

Mother of Pearl plastered walls

Mother of pearl plastered walls-The Lucido, NY City

Contemporary Finishes

Faux rust finish on ornamental plaster

Faux Rust and ornamental work

Faux embossed brass

Faux Embossed brass panel

Faux brick and plaster

Faux bricks and plaster


Interested in commissioning Dean Sickler?

Please see the new contracting website at

Dean's expertise in wood finishing, plaster and color design are very much in demand but he is always interested in challenging commissions and projects. Dean is certified as a Master Installer of Texston Venetian Plasters


35 years experiance in architectural decorative finishing. Small to medium size projects and available as a sub-contractor for specialty projects.

Please go to his Contracting website here

He has a special interest in the restoration of aesthetic and historically important projects. A recent commission(2007-08) was restoring 15 large carved 250 year old white oak panels and finishing new oak stretcher panels and millwork to match.

These originally came from (ostensively) one of Napolean's castles.

Restore carved oak panels

Napoleon Room


Another project was finishing large salvaged Italian walnut doors (and other things) to compliment the woods in an existing kitchen. Using historic materials like van Dyke crystals and linseed oil glazes, these doors were brought back to life for another hundred years of service.


Here is a kitchen that was re-fitted with cabinets from a turn-of-the-century pharmacy. The problem was...all the rest of the millwork in the kitchen was a mis-mash of different woods. Here is one part of the kitchen showing an oak door, a chestnut door and mahogany trim. The challenge was to find a way to unify all the differant woods and make them look like the antique pharmacy cabinets.




In the Spring of 2007 he was finally able to work on a commission that had been a year in the works. In he US Capitol Visitors Center attached to the Capitol, he expertly reproduced two kinds of marble that are found in the US House and Senate Chambers. These particular marbles are extinct and this was the only way to replicated them

CVC Project

Portoro marbling-Dean Sickler

Capitol Visitors Center, Wash. DC.


Services offered include;

Expert color matching for all projects

Wood graining to match existing woods

Faux Marble rendering

Theorum painting, patterns and stenciling

Decorative plasters

Architectural decorative finishing-grisaille, ornamentation, murals, graphic design application, etc.

Precious and compo leaf gilding and antiquing.

Custom avant garde, contemporary and traditional finishes developed on commission

Restoration and Conservation of furniture and architecture.

Have brush, will travel.


Call Dundean Studios at 973-635-0505

I respectfully ask that you do not write to me and ask how these projects were done. The processes take a long time to explain and there are just not enough hours in the day to answer all the questions I am emailed.

All others will be answered - (remove hyphens)






Specialty marmorino plasters for a television studio in Nashville, TN

Dean Sickler-Thomas Edison's House

This historic building in New Jersey had to be retro-fitted with a sprinkler system. There were 21 different places where the original wall finishes were broken to install the sprinkler heads. They had to be perfectly restored to invisibility.


Dean Sickler-Vizcaya Museum

Traditional techniques can be used for contemporary looks also..

Concrete patina and imbedded iron

Dean Sickler is the author of the recently published book: "The Keys to Color; A Decorators Handbook for coloring Paints, Plasters & Glazes". Go to webpage here

the keys to color theory

Dean lectures across the country on the practical aspects of color and design and holds seminars and workshops on working with color in architecture.

Recent lecture schedule


November 3, 2011

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Ill. . Two lectures on Color and Light perception to the graduate engineering program.


October 20, 2011

Mid-Atlantic Council-PDCA Convention, Wilmington, DE. Color and Light.


September 10, 2011

PDPA Education Summit, Golden CO- Color and Abstraction.


September 27th, 2011

Faux Expo, Orlando, Fl - Colors in Woodgraining Workshop.


April 9th

International Salon of Decorative Painters, Atlanta, Ga. Color and Light.


February 6, 2011

Open Decor Show - CEU class on Color and Light, Naple, Fl.


October 15, 2010

MAC-PDCA Convention. Color in architecture. Galloway, NJ.


October 30, 2010

ASID Chapter Meeting hosted at Dundean Studios, Chatham, NJ. Color and Light


September 23, 2010

Faux Expo, Orlando, FL. Practical Color Theory.