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Laurie Spagnolia, CS, CST

Theorum Stenciling, Advanced Stenciling, Dimensional Stenciling, Freehand Embellishments.

Laurie is a certified SALI stenciling teacher and a certified SALI stenciler (1996). Laurie was awarded the Certified Teacher citation at the SALI convention in 2002; this certification is only awarded after rigorous testing and documentation of teaching skills and fewer than 30 people in the USA hold this designation.

Laurie has many years in the field as a professional in the faux and decorative arts field. Laurie is active in SALI, SODA, the Mid-Atlantic Faux and Decorative Artisans Chapter of the PDCA and many other organizations.

Laurie is a working artisan skilled in the design, conception and execution of stencils on all surfaces and brings this extensive knowledge with her into the classroom. In addition to teaching at Dundean Studios she has taught at The Isabel O'Neil Studio in New York and held numerous workshops in local SALI chapters.

Laurie is also trained in the craft of sign painting and she uses all these skills as an enhancement to her decorative work. She works as a decorative artist in the New Jersey area.


Laurie with her daughter Nikki.



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