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Dundean Studios 1986-2018

Dundean Studios is a specialty decorative arts working studio established in 1986. This year we are celebrating our 32nd Anniversary. The school, showroom and studio was at the Chatham in Northern New Jersey since 1998.

Expert instruction is offered at the beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional levels in the decorative arts, faux finish and specialty-painting field.

We have over 28 different workshops in the decorative finishing field. More than any other school in the country (that we are aware of).

Below is a list of our highly qualified teaching staff and support personnel. Just click on their name

Dean Sickler Laurie Spagnolia Aliya Riaz
Gaby Soria
Judith Luke Andrea Sickler Treasurer Gabriella Soria Manager
Lucretia Moroni
Guest Instructor Lucretia Moroni Guest Instructor Patrick Kirwin Guest Instructor Patrick LaHeyne


Our training pre-dates the franchise schools so we have never been stuck in the mindset that week-long classes with 25 finishes are the only way to teach decorative finishing workshops. The scope of our training is international and our main ideal is education, not selling product. In our Faux Design Series, we do not brag about how many boards you will walk away with, only that you will have a full understanding of the materials, processes and goals of what decorative finishing is all about. All of the finishes learned in this series are repeatable, much in demand and are beyond the capabilities of the average "faux painter" and homeowner.

After learning the basic finishes with which you can make a career, expand your portfolio with The new PROCEED Decorative painting system classes by Golden or the Textures and Metallics I and Textures and Metallic II. For these classes, it is assumed that the student is proficient with glazes and has some experience with textures. Now you are ready to really run with a large number of finishes that are high-end and cutting edge. These classes are constantly changing to meet market needs and we are on top of current design trends here in the Greater New York Area.

Classes are also offered in a in large variety of disciplines such as stencilling, trompe l'oeil, mural painting, furniture painting, etc. See Class Descriptions for more information.

The studio is also rapidly becoming the premier site for instruction in application of decorative plasters, both natural lime-based and synthetic.

This Web site includes an outline of the core courses offered.











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American Society of Interior Designers Dundean Studios is an ASID Industry Partner

Mid-Atlantic Council-PDCANNJ. Board Member and Past President