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  Metallic paint

How to apply metallic (mica) paint

A lot of you remember the only metallic paints we had in the 1970's-80's were the nasty, zylene-solvent metallics that took two years off your life every time you used them. Then in the 1990's, Ralph Lauren came out with....

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  How to fix color

How to fix a color

Most times when we pick a color and put it on the wall, it is just a little bit off. This article addresses how to "tweak" a color to make it just right.

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Latex Vs Acrylic Paints: What is latex?

Knowing what the stuff is that we work with is important to knowing how to fix things when things go wrong.

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No more oil based glazes!

Learn how to use water-based glazes as opposed to solvent (oil) based glazes for wall finishes.
Take care your health, your customer's health and safety with out losing quality or control.

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How to work with Milk Paints.

This is an extensive article about the many ways you can use milk paints on furniture, walls, cabinets, etc.

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Brush Care

This article is about how to take care of your expensive brushes used for decorative painting.

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Synthetic vs Natural Lime Plasters

This article explains the differances between the two and hopefully clears up some misconceptions..

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Wax on Wax off!

How to use and choose waxes for venetian plasters.

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Dimensional Plaster:

Creating Textured Patternswith Paint

Trowelled on first coat

Square Off Surface

Apply Stencil

Remove Stencil

Touch Up

Finish Off